Apparel and Pouring Rights

Many schools or organizations need help in building out the proper structure and sales unit for their corporate partnerships, fundraising or ticket sales endeavors. Let our experts build and guide your internal revenue unit to ensure you reap the financial future gains through our consulting sales model!

The world of ticket sales, fundraising and corporate partnerships are the lifeline of a campus or athletic department revenue generation! 

The Leona Marketing Group has a created the MAS Evaluation— A proprietary, mixed methodology analysis that uses qualitative and quantitative methods to examine three main components for revenue generation:




Let our team assist your organization by performing this detailed analysis to formulate a road map for future success!

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Internal Sales BUild Out


Maximize Your Revenue Streams!

The MAS Evaluation 

RFP/ITN Assistance

Multimedia Rights Negotiations

Campus wide partnerships for pouring rights and apparel agreements can be essential to the revenue streams of a University. Ensure your campus is receiving your true worth in these categories by partnering with a proven team that has experience negotiating apparel deals for Power 5, Group of 5, FCS, Division I-AAA Schools, Division II and Division III.  

Managing the RFP/ITN process can be a daunting task for a department when trying to secure the best partnership for your campus. Let our seasoned leaders help ensure the process is smooth and produces the desired results through our systematic approach.

With the complex world of multimedia rights partnerships, ensure your school is maximizing it's potential by partnering with a seasoned group who has negotiated rights deals for Power 5, Group of 5, FCS and Division I-AAA Schools. Our experts will ensure your university or organization receives the full value and proper structure to maximize your revenues!